Hanoi tower

It is a puzzle that is played with three stakes and a variable number of discs.
In the exhibition version, the stakes are arranged in triangles instead of in rows (classic version) and you can play with up to 8 discs.

Front cover image hanoi tower game

How to play

The rules are simple:
1) You must move the whole tower from one stake to another, one disk at a time;
2) A large disk cannot cover a smaller disk.

How to build

  • Horizontal pallet 120×120 cm
  • Vertical pallet 100 x 215 cm
  • Wood and cardboard triangle base 100 cm side, with n. 3 wood rods (properly secured)
  • n. max 8 different color discs (MDF) / 2-4 cm thickness
  • Cardboard title panel
  • Cardboard panel with explanation and photo (100×100 cm)
  • Cardboard panel with explanation (65×10 cm) – appropriately  xed (velcro? double-sided tape?)