Are you a Sudoku champion? All the colored panels in this post were generated by randomly placing the nine colors in the 9×9 grid except for one of the panels (the one in the upper right) which is deterministic (one color per row, per column, per diagonal and in the 3×3 sub-squares).

But what does this have to do with Sudoku? Sudoku is a Latin square, as is the ‘non-random’ colored square in this game, both of which have a structure that follows a rule. A Latin square is a square table, constructed so that each square contains a symbol (for example: letter, number, color) that appears only once on each row and each column.

How to play

The explainer asks the visitor to observe the colored 9×9 squares (order 9): some seem to be dominated by particular colors. Which are the squares in which the colors are arranged ‘randomly’? There is one in which the order of colors is ‘not random’, which one? If you can’t find it, ask the animator.

How to build

  • Vertical thin pallets 100×215 cm
  • no. 5 Sudoku panels on printed
    cardboard 45×45 cm
  • Titles panel cardboard 100×20 cm
  • Printed cardboard explanation
    panel 45×45 cm for Colorsudoku.

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