Spider web

Spider web (Giocatela!) is a nice game of probability, suitable for a children’s audience, but fun for adults as well, and that allows you to challenge yourself by trying the best strategy. You are a prisoner in the center of the web, and to escape from the spiders you can use only one of the dice with colored faces. Since you only have to move by jumping from one colored circle (nodes) to another, being careful not to end up on the ones with spiders, which is the best die to escape?

How to play

Place the silhouette of the little girl in the center of the web, place the colored roundels in the nodes of the web, and at some of the colored nodes also place a little spider. A little girl, imprisoned in the center of the web, must find, with the least number of steps, the way out. To escape she can move by throwing, with each step, a die of her choice from those available. Each die has colored faces with two distinct colors in different combinations. The baby can move only on points connected to her position and of the color that came out in the roll of the chosen die, but it may happen that some outcomes of the roll do not allow movement or that there is, at a color, even a spider that makes you start over. The object of the game is to get the baby out of the spider web in the fewest number of steps. What is the best strategy? What is the die that increases the probability of escaping the web?

How to build

  • vertical thin pallets 100×215 cm
  • base pallet 100×60 cm for colored
    dice throwing surface
  • cardboard with red carpet throwing plane and plexiglass at the edges.
  • n. 1 little die (5 cm side) with colored
    faces (red)
  • n. 1 little die (5 cm side) with colored faces (red, black)
  • n. 1 little die (5 cm side) with colored faces (red, blue and green)
  • titles panel cardboard 100×20 cm
  • cardboard panel with printed
    spider web and magnetic circles of 3
    colors (red, blue and green). On the cardboard panel the explanation of the game “Spider web”
  • magnetic silhouette of little girl
  • various colored circles (red, blue and
    green) made of magnetic material.
  • small spiders made of magnetic material


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