Monty Hall

This paradox is inspired by the 1960s American TV quiz show Let’s make a deal, hosted by host Monty Hall. The game consists of three doors, behind each of which there is a prize or non-premium, and the prize is hidden behind a single door. The probability of the prize being behind a given door is the same for all doors and is 1 in 3.

How to play

The player chooses one of the doors and tells everyone. The handler knows what lies behind each door and must open one of the doors not selected by the player and absolutely one without a prize: if the player has chosen a losing door, the handler will open the other losing door; if, on the other hand, the player has chosen the winning door, the handler will open one of the two remaining doors at will.

After opening the first door, The handler gives the player the option of finding out what is behind the door he or she initially chose or to change. Which strategy is best for the player? Keep the first choice or change?

How to build

  • n. 1 vertical pallet 120×200 cm – with square hole of 60×60 cm
  • n. 1 base pallet 120×80 cm
  • n. 3 small doors of different shapes
  • n. 1 TV template
  • n. 3 red MDF circles with numbers
  • n. 1 title panel 120×20 cm
  • n. 1 printed TV back panel with instructions and pallet attachment system.
  • n. 3 wooden panels with holes to insert prizes (wooden shape) // to be placed behind the three small doors
  • n. 3 wooden templates, one prize and two sheep

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