Numbers & nature

In this exhibit we discuss numbers and number relationships found in nature, starting with number series such as Fibonacci’s, remarkable numbers such as pi, ratios and proportions. Large images below represent natural objects in which numbers are evident or can be described by numbers. With free software, shown in the AR tab, you can take advantage of the content there to create AR experiences.

How to play

In the original version of Numbed by numbers (DIN – Diamo i numeri), the visitor can take a red plexiglass disc with the tag drawn on it and by placing it under the PC webcam with the AR software installed can see an Augmented Reality content (3D object, video, image, audio,…) on the TV (see the photo’s gallery). The AR experience can also be replicated with other software (see below) and mobile devices, such as tablets and Ipads.

Homepage of "Numbers and nature" site to be loaded on tablet. For French and German versions, see links below.

How to build


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